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Residential Pest Protection

We all know Florida is home to a large number of insects.
Keeping those insects out of the home is the purpose behind Pestguard’s Residential Pest Protection Program. This program is designed to control cockroaches, ants, silverfish and a wide range of common household pests and occasional invading pests.

Pest Control Technology

With the ever evolving technology in pest control products, the need for monthly applications has basically been eliminated. Fewer applications, the smaller quantities used, and the extensive knowledge of trained technicians are part of the package designed for optimum benefit to the homeowner and less inference with our clients’ daily routines.
Quarterly treatments around the exterior perimeter of the structure and annual interior treatments are very effective in controlling most structural pest control issues. The homeowner benefits by consistent treatment – the same products, the same application sites, the peace of mind.

Rodent Issues

In the even a rodent issue presents itself within the home, Pestguard’s Residential Pest Protection also offers trapping and exclusion services and ongoing rodent protection – contact us for more information.

Pest Control Technicians

Pestguard’s Residential Pest Protection technicians are highly trained – the majority of them are state certified in pest control. Their friendly demeanors and knowledgeable approach to all aspects of pest control contribute to long-standing relationships with our clients.

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